There are several reasons for requesting background checks. The risk of the “unknown” is the rudimentary reason that an individual person or organization may feel the need to have a background check conducted. Background checks can reveal criminal history, work history, residence history, financial assets, family members/associates, and can serve as a reference for an individual’s overall character and stability.

  • Their full name and address
  • Current and past address
  • Criminal and Driving Records
  • Judgment and Liens

  • Professional Licensing
  • Friends and Family associates
  • Voters Registration
  • And much more


Screening potential employees is for the purpose of verifying information submitted by candidates, and also for gathering information concerning the character, work history, and credibility of applicants. Hiring and training new employees can come with heavy expenses. Choosing the best possible person for the job can circumvent financial losses, ensure the safety of staff, and mitigate possible damage to a company’s reputation.


Gaining trust in individuals that provide care to your children or elderly family members is of the utmost importance. It can be very stressful pondering on the well-being of loved ones while you’re away at work or traveling. A thorough background check can provide very important information to assist with the huge decision to hire a nanny, babysitter, or housekeeper. Our investigators have the experience that is necessary to conduct a comprehensive background check that will uncover significant details for assistance when vetting potential caregivers.


Online dating has become a social norm in today’s world and the means to communicate with another person doesn’t require the use of a desktop computer. Apps like Bumble, tinder, Plenty of fish and others gives the person direct access through mobile devices. The problem is that the people we are interacting with may not be totally truthful and the person is at risk if they were to meet up with someone with less than good intentions. Dating is fun, but it is also risky if you were to invite this person to your home, workplace, family etc. How does a person avoid this? You hire Goodwin and Grimes to conduct a more thorough search into the background of this new-found love in your life. We cannot fully guarantee the behavior of this person. We can give you enough information that can alert you of red flags that can assist you in making a sound decision prior to escalating your relationship.


The Ultimate Goal is Simple: Safety and Security

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