(Attorney Services)

Gathering evidence, along with collecting accurate and credible witness statements is crucial for the preparation of a case. A skilled and experienced Private Investigator can prove to be valuable to assist with a heavy caseload. Our staff is capable of contacting and interviewing or re-interviewing witnesses for the development of a case. Our professional and experienced investigators are also willing to provide sworn testimony.


We can provide process serving for attorneys and individual needs. Legally, defendants or any individual involved in a court proceeding must be notified of any action taken against them. Proof of service is verified by an “affidavit of service” which must be notarized and returned to the requesting party. Our services include delivering complaints, summonses, and subpoenas.


G&G Security Group provides seasoned and tactical investigators for surveillance needs to gather pertinent information or evidence. Being discreet and covert are the foundational principles of surveillance. Your surveillance needs may include, but not be limited to allegations of workers compensation fraud, employee misconduct, or personal relationship issues.


The Ultimate Goal is Simple: Safety and Security

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