The most important aspect of downloading the image is making sure that the image quality remains in-tact; otherwise, it will be difficult to use the video for evidence. Image quality can be negatively affected during the download of the video, so all consideration must be taken that the video remains with its original quality with a time and date stamp that ensures the video’s accuracy. Measures must be taken to ensure that the video retains its quality when it is downloaded. “Lossy”, or “lossy compression” occurs when the video data is compressed during download. An uncompromised, uncompressed download will result in a “lossless compression”, which will not result in the loss of any image quality.

Though there are many different techniques to ensure that the video quality is downloaded correctly, the preferred method of download is through a USB port. If the USB port is not accessible or is not functioning properly, there are other options available that retain video quality. The CD/DVD drive is a solid alternative because you will be able to extract the original file. If neither of these options are available, your last resort is using an external camera to record the data directly, although this will result in a huge loss of video quality.