When presenting the footage in court, you must be prepared to testify as to its accuracy. Be prepared to state under oath that the extracted footage is a “fair and accurate representation of the recording that was observed on the monitor” as it was originally downloaded. In order to have the confidence to testify, you must ensure that professionals have taken the time to capture the video in its original quality and have meticulously recorded the details pertaining to the video.

The copy that you retrieve from the monitor should be directly sealed and secured in the location where it was downloaded as to ensure its veracity. It should also be labeled with all of the information that will be presented in court as discussed before. Label it with your name, the date, the time, and the location where the footage was taken. The video should then be sent directly to the attorney representing those who requested the video footage.

If you know there is video footage of your incident somewhere out there, you have no time to waste. You need to extract footage as quickly as possible if you’re going to use it in the courtroom.